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Global Financial Corporation is a leading local lender that has been in business for over 10 years. Our company provides subprime lending consisting of a wide array of options to car dealers in the Cleveland area and beyond. Our experience in both the automotive and finance industries make us a trusted resource for dealers looking to expand their business.


Why Finance With Us:


  • Program Variety and Flexibility: Our full spectrum of competitive financing programs (all of which are NOT credit score-based) makes it possible to finance most customers who visit your dealership.


  • Convenient Application and Prompt Underwriting: Conveniently submit an application using DealerTrack online or by fax, and expect a prompt follow up.


  • Quick and Hassle-Free Funding: We make the approval and paperwork gathering process as fast and hassle-free to the dealer as possible.


  • Local Funding: The fact that we are a local lender makes it possible for you to drop off the customer’s file and get funding the same day!



For more program information click here or for a copy of our program sheet contact us.


To speak with the Underwriting Department : (216) 458-3100 


To speak with the Funding Department: (216) 458-3100 


To fax in a credit application: (216) 342-2497

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