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Company Bio:


Atlas Financials DBA Global Financial Corporation purchases Vehicle contracts through our dealer partners. Our core business is third-party originations through our network dealers and servicing of auto installment contracts.



Mission Statement:


Global Financial Corporation is a DBA of Atlas Financial Co. purchasing approved retail installment sales contracts from dealers for vehicles that were delivered to customers of the dealership. Our program has enabled thousands of customers to purchase vehicles who otherwise might not have been able to do so. We feel strongly that our program is a “Win-Win-Win” program for us, our dealers.



Global Financial Corporation was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 2003.

Fact Sheet:


Corporate Headquarters and Mailing Address:


       5350 Transportation Blvd Suite 17

       Garfield Heights, OH 44125


Telephone: (216) 458-3100


Fax: (216) 332-1633


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